Character Illustration

Assignment: Using a hand drawn sketch, create a digital version of it using Adobe Illustrator.

I decided to use a sketch of Shaco from the game League of Legends drawn by me for my character illustration. So I started off by creating my guides and placing it properly.

Using the pen tool I shaped out his eyes. Using the rounded rectangle and eclipse tool I subtract the two from each other using the pathfinding tool to make the pupils.

After filling in his lips, face, and eyes I continued working on the rest of his head.

Finished outlining coloring his head/hair. After finishing the head, I found that I used the pathfinding tool a lot for the rest of the sketch.

Outlining his hand.

Outlined his entire right arm and half of his body.

Added color to the top half of his body.

Outlining his left arm.

Added color to the left side of his body and dagger.

Outlining his pants. I was really confused on how to do this with the pen tool. I eventually used the pathfinding tool to finish this.

Putting color into his pants.

Shading areas of the image. This was my first time ever using my tablet to do shading.

Here’s the finished product! 😀


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