Neo Sunflower Contacts

I recently bought a new pair of contacts. Been loving it since I use all my colored contacts not only for cosplay but for sight as well since they’re prescription! Love the color. Enjoy!

Contacts: Neo Sunflower
Seller: HoneyColor
Color: Blue
Price: $23.92


NeoSunflower Box


Cosplay: Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)

Anime/Game: Jigoku Shoujo

Character: Enma Ai (Uniform Ver.)

Event For: Anime Expo

Ciel Phantomhive (Princess Ver)

Anime/Game: Kuroshitsuji

Character: Ciel Phantomhive (Gender bent)

Photos helped taken by: CosplayAnimal


French Manicure

I find most people love the french manicure look but aren’t sure how to do it properly. It takes 3 easy steps to get that clean fresh look on your nails.


I personally like to make my life easier by using Sally Hansen’s French Manicure set. It comes with SH’s base/top coat, Ballet Bare (3227) nail polish, and the SH French Manicure ‘white tip pen’.


Firstly, you’ll want to put 1-2 coats of the Ballet Bare color. This is to make your nails look more lively and it is traditionally how french manicures are done. I find most people skip this step and go straight to the white tips. Without the Ballet Bare I find the look is very lackluster.


Second step is to use the white tip pen and draw on the white tips. It’s easier with the pen, but if you do not have it it can easily be done with the brush. TIP: Rotate your finger and not the pen/brush. The third and final step is to put on the top coat to make it shiny! ヽ(Β΄γƒΌ`)οΎ‰


Something you can do to enhance your french manicure is to add these cute little bows. You can find them on under nail bows.


There are two ways to attach these bows. I’ve mentioned them in my last tutorial about Fimo Flowers use either eyelash glue or place it on top of your wet top coat. πŸ™‚


With the bows it will look something like this. Good luck and have fun with your own french manicure nails!

(The tutorial photos were done on my boyfriend’s hand.)